Google search stopped working on my android phone

  • Google helps a number of users all over the world to explore for different types of information in various fields. Moreover the services offered by Google like that of Google docs, Google maps, Gmail, Google Drive and many other like these. The users may avail the facility of Google Search in order to find relevant information on varied fields.

    Ways to fix the issue of Google Search not working on Android:

    1. Restarting the Phone: This is the first step that the user needs to implement as soon as it finds out that Google Search stopped working on my Android Phone. The accumulated data and caches may interrupt the normal working of Google Search on Android Device.

    The user needs to turn off their phone completely

    Then the users may turn it back on after 10-15 seconds.

    At last the users may check that Google search not working on the home screen.

    1. Making Sure that Google App has been enabled: If still, Google Search bar is still not working on Android after restarting the phones, then the users need to check. The user needs to make sure that the Google App on their phone is enabled. If Google App is disabled, then this is the reason behind Google Search not working on the Android device in Samsung, Pixel or other devices.

    The user needs to open the Settings option followed by the Application Manager option.

    The users may tap the "All" tab.

    Thereafter, the user needs to scroll down to find the Google App.

    The user needs to check whether the Google App on the phone is disabled by mistake. In case, Google app is disabled, then the users may enable the same and then use the Google Search bar.

    1. Clearing Data and Cache of Google Search and Google App: Just after making sure that the Google app is enabled, if the users find that the Google Search not working, then the users need to clear the data. by the presence of cache data may be causing the issue.

    The user needs to head to the Settings section.

    Then the user needs to go to apps.

    The users may then tap on the "All" tab option.

    Right after choosing the Google App, the user needs to tap on "Force Stop" and "Clear cache" option.

    Finally, the user needs to tap on "Manage Space" and then choose "Clear all data" option to fix the issue.

    1. Updating Google App in Play Store: The users may update the Google App in the Play store so as to fix the issue.

    The user needs to open Google Play Store.

    Then the user needs to find the Google App and then tap on "Update".

    If still the issue persists, the users may contact Google Voice Customer Service to fix the problem of Google Search not working on Android. Doing so will allow the users to interact with the technical experts to get appropriate solution.

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