How to Recover Gmail Password without Security Question

  • Can I recover Gmail password without security question?
    Your Gmail account is removed from the Google server if it is inactivated for more than 30 days. We invite you to go through this article if the duration is less than 30 days. You must be happy to know that the account is recoverable and you can recover it by many means. If you are unable to make your Gmail account login, you may have forgotten the actual password or some other user (hacker) has changed your Gmail login password. It is not possible to make a Gmail account login by using a wrong password. That’s why; you are strongly suggested to recover the account.
    How to recover Google account without security question?

    1. Open this link – https//
    2. Google’s official account recovery page will open.
    3. Enter the concerned email address that is needed to be recovered.
    4. Click on the NEXT icon.
    5. Google will insist you to enter the LAST PASSWORD in the page.
    6. Enter the last password if you have remembered it.
    7. Click on TRY ANOTHER WAY of you don’t.
    8. You will be asked to get a call or text on the registered number.
    9. Choose the option that is more preferable to you.
    10. Get the verification code and enter it in the given field.
    11. Click on I DON’T HAVE MY PHONE if the registered number is not in your access.
    12. You will then insisted to get the verification code in your secondary email address.
    13. Click on Send if you are ready to get the verification code in this way.
    14. Else click on TRY ANOTHER WAY again.
      Did you recover your account? We have discussed three genuine ways to recover Gmail password without security question. If you are not comfortable with any of these methods, you are instructed to make a conversation with the account security officials elected by Google management. These are actually technical support professionals who have in-depth knowledge about the account recovery. Surprisingly, these professionals cater to high-class services without charging a single penny.

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