Why my Ok Google not working 1-888-570-9791 :how to fix these issues

  • Being alone in the home so not a boring matter if we have our phones with Google assistant. And if it doesn’t work we feel as if the time is gone. But many times in Google we face the problem of ok Google not working. So in such cases how to resolve it and fix it.

    To Get rid of this issue of Ok Google not working. And to fix it you will have to follow the steps below.
    • At times the Google Assistant will inform you about the issue if it is from Google's side. And in case of that you will be able to know it previously but if this is not the case then there is no mistake from Google, it should be from your side.
    • Now secondly, check your language settings, as the default language of Google is US English. So go to Google App and in that go to Settings and then under that choose Voice and then select the language that you use.
    • And if you use US English already then you can solve this issue by updating the language, you will have to go to the same voice option.
    After that go to the offline speech recognition and then update.
    • You should also check the microphone of your device so that you find the issue of Ok Google. And this is the best way to solve the issue.

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