How to Change flight for Copa Airlines reservations

  • Copa Airlines is a known flag carrier airline of Panama which is popular for providing its customers with the best online services and offers. And for the customers who wish to change flight for their Copa Reservations can opt for one of those online services i.e manage booking option. Yes, you read that right.All passengers who have booked reservations with the airline who wish to change their flight can use this service. And in case, if you are not aware of this service, then you can follow the instructions provided.
    Procedure to change flight for your Copa Airlines reservations

    1. For the flight changing process, you need to launch the airline website.
    2. Then, you are required to look for the manage booking option of the airline and click on the same.
    3. After that, you need to enter your booking code and surname in the provided field in order to retrieve your booking.
    4. And once your booking is retrieved, you will be provided with an option of flight change.
    5. Further, click on that particular option and move ahead with the flight change process.
    6. For flight change you are required to select an alternative flight from the list and click on Continue button to proceed with the process.
    7. Once the flight is selected, enter the required details and again click on Continue to proceed with the process.
    8. Then, you will be provided with the details of your new reservations that you need to confirm by clicking on Continue.
    9. After the verification of the details, you can make payment for the flight change.
    10. And after your payment is confirmed, your new reservation will be booked and you will be provided with the updated details.
      Hence, with the completion of this process, you can flight change is successfully. In case, if you still have queries, you can reach out to the reservation center.
      So, this was the simple procedure that you need to follow to change flight for your Copa Airlines reservations. So, next time whenever you face uncertain situations, simply follow these instructions and change flight for your reservations.

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