How to Fix 1-888-572-7379 AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding

  • What to do if AOL Desktop Gold Icon is not working/Responding

    AOL desktop gold is an all in one desktop software. It gives all the common features someone needs in a computer in a single software. AOL desktop gold has an efficient web browser, you can stream videos and audios, and it gives a secured working environment and much more. AOL desktop gold has millions of users all around the world because of its features and service.

    AOL has a customer care service for its users through which AOL desktop gold users can get the solutions of their technical problems anytime, anywhere.

    AOL desktop gold Icon is not working is one of the common issues AOL desktop gold users face. If you are an AOL desktop gold user and facing this issue then read this article to know the origin as well as the solution to this issue.

    Reasons behind AOL desktop gold icon not working issue:
    The reasons behind this issue are some very simple mistakes users made.

    Let’s take a look:

    If AOL desktop gold has some corrupt or damaged files.
    If AOL desktop gold is improperly installed.
    If your computer HDD has very low space available.
    Due to the action of a virus or malware.
    Fixing of AOL desktop gold icon not working issue
    Try these techniques one by one and check if anyone of it solves your problem.

    Restart your computer: One of the common and mostly worked technique is to “restart the computer”.
    Reinstall AOL desktop gold: You can reinstall AOL desktop gold because AOL desktop gold can be improperly installed.
    Go to the program manager and click on Uninstall next to AOL desktop gold.
    Then delete all the AOL desktop gold files from the computer.
    Go to AOL login page and login into your account. After that download AOL desktop gold and do a proper installation carefully.
    Clear HDD Space: Remove every unnecessary file from your computer because it captures HDD storage and the computer can work slowly due to this.
    Anti-Virus: Use any 3rd party Anti-Virus to remove every suspicious file from your computer. After that restart your computer.
    These were some common troubleshooting techniques to fix the Icon not working issue. You can reach out to AOL Desktop Gold and get the assistance of experts regarding any technical issue face to downloading AOL desktop gold.

    Fix AOL Desktop Not Responding Or AOL Gold Stopped Working Issue
    AOL Desktop is a software by AOLinc. , through which it allows its consumers to check their emails, chat, make a quick search, listen to music , watch videos and so on.

    Most of the consumers who use AOL email use AOL desktop software on their computer because it is very easy to use and secure as compared to AOL web mail.

    Most of the AOL email customers are well aware of the features and usability of AOL desktop software.

    Aol desktop not responding, aol gold not responding

    AOL desktop comes with innovative interface, best design and some great features which require some of the system requirement and space.

    But like any other software AOL desktop is not free from some of the technical flaws. Most of the consumers have reported complains about the software at some point of time.

    Any kind of issue that arises with AOL desktop could frustrate a user especially when it hampers accessing of emails.

    Since AOL Desktop is a free version, AOL does not offer any official support for the software.

    AOL also has a premium version of the software that is known as “AOL Desktop Gold”. but for AOL desktop gold you need to pay some kind of monthly subscription fee in order to avail the software and it has official technical support from AOL.

    So in this article we will talk about the most common and most frustrating issue that consumers have frequently complained about aol desktop not responding.

    Through this article, I will highlight causes that would lead your AOL desktop not to respond and also measures to troubleshoot the issues.

    Why AOL Desktop Not Responding-
    Her e is the list of issues that might cause AOL desktop not responding issue-

    Compatibility issues-
    AOL desktop is out of date.
    Corrupt software- If the AOL desktop you are using is corrupted then you should fix the problem.
    Firewall rules- Some of the firewall rules also hamper the usage of the software.
    Insufficient RAM on the device- AOL desktop requires some amount of Random access memory (RAM) to function effectively.If you do not have enough ram, the software won’t function properly.
    Presence of malicious programs on the device
    Conflict with antivirus programs
    Poor internet connection.
    How to fix aol Gold not responding issue
    Here I will outline the steps through which you can troubleshoot aol gold not responding issue.

    1.Compatibility issues may cause aol desktop not responding issue-
    This is one of the most common causes that would interfere the smooth running of your AOL desktop software.

    Compatibility issue generally suggests that the system requirement does not match up the software requirements.

    Such a scenario might cause the software to crash frequently. So first of all, you need to check the system requirement for the software to be installed.

    Here is the system requirement for installing AOL desktop-

    Operating system – Windows 7 / 8/ 8.1/ 10 or IOS version 10.

    System Processor -266MHz or faster

    Screen Resolution -1068×768 or higher

    RAM of approx 512 Mb.

    To check the system configuration of yours, you need to right click on my computer and hit properties. now you will able to see the system information just like given in the following image.

    1. AOL desktop is not up to date may let you fall in aol gold not responding issue-
      Do you know an Outdated software could create multiple issues.

    So first of all you need to update the software to the latest version. To do this, you need to go to control panel and click on add or remove programs and from the list of software.

    aol desktop not responding, aol desktop quit working, aol gold not responding

    look for AOL desktop and uninstall it. Once the software is uninstalled, you need to go to the AOL official website and download the latest version of AOL desktop.

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    3.Corrupt AOL desktop software may cause aol desktop stopped working issue-
    Sometimes due to reasons like virus attack or Trojans the files required for running the AOL desktop software could be corrupted.

    which in turn won’t let the software to run smoothly. In order to fix the software,

    you need to go to the control panel,
    and from add or remove program uninstall the software
    Reboot the computer
    Download the software from AOL official site
    And install it back again.
    4.Firewall rules may also cause aol desktop not responding issue-
    Some antivirus or anti hacking software have firewall rules that might interfere with the execution of the AOL desktop software.

    So you need to make sure that those firewall rules are not affecting the smooth running of AOL Desktop.

    In order to fix this, disable all the firewall in your device. Once you disable the firewall you need to reboot the software.

    5.Insufficient ram can make aol gold not responding problem-
    This is also related to the system requirement. Insufficient RAM would not allow any software to run smoothly and AOL desktop is no exception.

    You need to make sure you have enough free ram so that the software can run smoothly. To do this

    you need to -uninstall all the unnecessary software that is taking up RAM on your computer
    Go to control panel and click on add/remove programs
    And from the list, uninstall all of the unwanted software
    open task manager by hitting control+alt+delete
    Now go to the process tab and stop services that you do not require
    And finally you can also expand your ram buy purchasing RAM chips with much space. can have aol desktop not responding in the Presence of malicious software or program-
    This is no rocket science that presence of malicious software would affect smooth running of your system and software.

    Presence of worms, virus, Trojans or any hacking software won’t let your AOL desktop to function properly.

    aol desktop not responding, aol gold not responding, aol desktop stopped working

    In order to fix these problems you need to scan your computer with a good antivirus. Once the scan is completed you need to reboot your computer and then open your AOL desktop.

    7.You might have aol gold not responding problem due to the Conflict with antivirus program-

    Though antivirus helps your computer to be secured. Some of the antivirus conflict with other software which creates issues in executing some of the software.

    So you need to make sure if the Antivirus or ant hacking software are not conflicting with your AOL desktop Gold.

    aol gold not responding, aol desktop not working, aol desktop stopped working

    So you need to disable your antivirus, to do this you need to open your antivirus, go to the settings from the panel and turn it off.

    After you disable your antivirus, reboot your computer.

    8.Poor Internet connection may also cause aol desktop stopped working problem –
    Sometimes poor internet connection might also affect running of your AOL desktop software.

    SO you need to make sure you have working internet connection. To do this, you can open any web browser and try visiting any websites.

    aol desktop not responding, aol gold not working, aol gold not responding

    if you are not able to open the websites, it should be the internet, Call your internet service provider.

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