Guam TLS certificate error (crash)

  • Hello all,

    New to Kolab, but like others have 'rolled-my-own' in the past.

    Filed bug report ( but was hoping someone here may have a quick-fix.

    Kolab 16 on CentOS7 (new build). Server up & running, can access, send & receive email from roundcube interface. Can also send & receive email with thunderbird when using non-encrypted port 143.

    Issue is when try to use TLS in thunderbird (console.log):
    2016-04-03 14:07:54.570 [error] <0.88.0> Supervisor {<0.88.0>,kolab_guam_listener} had child session started with {kolab_guam_session,start_link,undefined} at <0.300.0> exit with reason no match of right hand value {error,{tls_alert,"bad certificate"}} in kolab_guam_session:start_client_tls/4 line 258 in context child_terminated

    • Details are in bugzilla
    • SMTP auth & encryption works ok; issue appears with IMAP traffic.

    Would appreciate any wisdom / assistance!

    Thank you,


  • A couple of month ago something similar was addressed in the mailing list you may like to look maybe it could help you.

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