How to Recover Yahoo Account

  • There are millions of account on Yahoo and if yours is one of those but unfortunately you have been locked out of your account and needed to know how to recover Yahoo account without phone number and alternate email, then, you can go through following procedure

    to recover your account:

    1. Go to account log in page of Yahoo.

    2. On the account log in page, click on Difficulty Signing In?

    3. The next page asks you to enter one of the following to initiate the account recovery process:

    Sign in email address or phone number.

    Recovery phone number

    Recovery email address

    The recovery process begins once you enter any of the above information.

    1. One can recover the Yahoo account through phone number, email address or security questions.

    2. If you have the phone number with you through which you wish to recover your

      Account, enter the phone number on the account recovery page and an sms is sent to

      your phone number which has code in it.

    3. Enter the code on the account recovery page and follow the on screen instruction.

    4. However, if you cannot access your phone number, enter the recovery email address to

      recover yahoo account password.

      A mail with link to recover your account is sent on your mail.

    5. Click on the mail and get into the link to recover your account.

    6. Follow the on screen procedure to recover your account.

    7. However, if you cannot access phone number or recovery email id and you are seeking

      the procedure to recover Yahoo account without phone number and alternate email, third option that you can try is answering the security questions.

    8. You need to remember the exact answers of the security questions and if you are unable

    to recall, then, make the best guess.

    In case, you need assistance, you can contact the customer care for same and get the assistance for account recovery.

    To save yourself from troubles, update the account password regularly and ensure that you have never shared your password with anyone. In case, you had to, then, change the password as soon as possible.

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