Outlook CalDav Synchronizer and event invitations

  • We are using the free and open source CalDav Synchronizer Plugin to sync our Outlook 2010 calendars and tasks with our Kolab 16 installation. Almost everything works fine, so you maybe want to add it to your outlook documentation.

    Except one little flaw:
    When I create a meeting in outlook, people get an invitation sent by outlook. Later, the plugin fires and pushes the event to the kolab server. Then the server sends a second invitation.

    How can i force the server not to send any invitation? Some mailservers use the "SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT" attribute for that reason, but Kolab seems not to understand in...

    See also:

    "Not all servers support this, we implemented and tested this with SOGo, you have to ask the Kolab support if they honour this setting for the organizer or if they need any other attribute?"

    From: https://sourceforge.net/p/outlookcaldavsynchronizer/tickets/320/

  • Sounds unfortunate indeed... can you file a report here on Kolab's Phabricator

    .. and then link the resulting task here so others may follow it too? Cheers!

  • Are there any news on this issue?

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