Kolab 3 final is coming in January

Kolab 3The Kolab release manager Jeroen van Meeuwen just decided that the final version of Kolab 3 will be released in early January. This will give the community enough time to thoroughly test the latest release candidate over the Christmas holidays, so we will have a great piece of reliable technology to start the new year with. Users of Kolab 2.3.x versions can look forward to a completely rewritten Kolab, an improved web-client that integrates Roundcube and native packages for the most common distributions.

We already heard a couple of successful migrations stories from older Kolab versions to Kolab 3, but these kinds of migrations can never be tested enough, so if you want to be prepared for Kolab 3, please consider upgrading your Kolab Server in a test run and let us know the outcome. We have prepared some documentation on docs.kolab.org for you to get started.

On the development mailing list Jeroen explained what still needs to be done before the release can happen. A list of issues that we are still tackling for the 3.0 release can be found on issues.kolab.org. There's still one particularly nasty bug that might under certain circumstance cause mail loss. Currently, when external mails are forwarded to a Kolab 3 account, they might go into a loop. Although there is already a known work-around for this issue, we of course would like to release Kolab 3 without this sort of bug. As always, we appreciate any sort of help.

There have been some technical issues with moving the Kolab 3 Debian packages into the stable repository. We are currently looking for help from people who know Debian repositories in order to finish the transition to stable. Jeroen writes in his message:

If either of you have experience in managing Debian repositories (with dupload'ed packages and reprepro to manage the repository), I would appreciate your help in trying to figure this out.

So if you might be able to help, please get in touch.

The Kolab Community thanks all its members and that includes everybody who contributed in one way or another! Enjoy the Christmas holidays and have a good start into the new year!