The Kolab.org Community is a Free Software initiative building a unified communication and collaboration system that you can install on your own server. If you don't want to run your own server, consider using hosted Kolab like offered by Kolab Now.


Planet Kolab


Contributing to Kolab just got easier. Thanks to @tpokorra there's now a guide on how to submit patches: https://t.co/QeHUtDVpeU
RT @janvlnas: Roundcube Next looks impressive, hopefully it won't become “WordPress of communication” from security point of view https://t…
A first version of a native Kolab Notes App for Android is now available via F-Droid: https://t.co/rAC0Hd6ulU
RT @roundcubenext: Let's make http://t.co/Crinqeou8Q even better by reaching our stretch goal!! Tell your friends, so we can take it to the…
Did you know you can join @roundcubenext, get backstage access and enjoy 4 months free on @kolabnow? 1 week left... https://t.co/9guCWC544G