The Kolab.org Community is a Free Software initiative building a unified communication and collaboration system that you can install on your own server. If you don't want to run your own server, consider using hosted Kolab like offered by MyKolab.com.


Planet Kolab


After yesterday's Squirrelmail IMAPProxy, @tpokorra now shows how to use #Nginx IMAP Proxy with Kolab on @CentOS 6 https://t.co/2yl3QDEYv8
Kolab with Squirrelmail’s IMAPProxy on @CentOS 6 by @tpokorra https://t.co/qWbS3xnXUS
RT @tobruzh: @jcfischer have a look at @kolaborg I'm running it since more than 2 years and I'm really happy with it. It's true open source
How to do an Unattended installation of Kolab? @tpokorra explains it on our planet: https://t.co/u6ewmV2dAr
RT @hashtagbandit_: it’s working!!!111!!1 @kolaborg with nginx and ssl encryption all around. #huzzzaaahh