The Kolab.org Community is a Free Software initiative building a unified communication and collaboration system that you can install on your own server. If you don't want to run your own server, consider using hosted Kolab like offered by Kolab Now.


Planet Kolab


RT @ChrisLAS: LINUX Unplugged is LIVE: http://t.co/MPvkJbkcwJ What is @kolaborg up to? Find out! Plus reaction to #Ubuntu 15.04 and the f…
Solid first 48hrs for http://t.co/ipj9umWqt0 including the first Deployer among the 500'000 sites that depend on it. http://t.co/wK9a2DHaGw
RT @ggreve: Live on stage at #KolabSummit and #oSC15: Thomas Bruederli announcing http://t.co/TeOtAZL5cA #RoundcubeNext http://t.co/fRa3SoV
RT @audriga: Enjoying #KolabSummit very much. Thanks @kolabsys for bringing together the community #groupware @kolabnow @kolaborg @ggreve
Major announcement about the webapp on Kolab Now at 16:00 UTC streamed live from the Kolab Summit on http://t.co/Xyq3rzhuRk