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Storing files in Kolab does not work



yesterday I needed the functionality of storing files in +Kolab.

I found out that this does not work on my installation.

This is a known bug in cyrus.

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I create a new page with my nginx config to cover all changes and mods which I've done on my Raspberry Pi.

The instructions are based on and

So feel free to leave any comments and to get your Kolab running on your Pi with a bit more performance.

More tuning tips are welcome. :-)

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XMPP now integrated in Kolab and working :-)


Now I got it.

I'm using converse.js.

Following the instructions on  I got it.

Well, not only following the instructions but also to setup some more things:

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XMPP now working



my eJabberd server is now up and running and I can receive messages and send messages.

My next step is to setup the chat functionality in roundcubemail so you can send messages through a Jabber client or roundcubemail. :-)

I had to find the correct settings for my domain and the client to get it to work. So it's necessary to have proper DNS records for your domain and the services jabber is running on.

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Roundcube Webmail 1.0.0 released


We’re very proud to announce the stable version 1.0 of Roundcube Webmail. After more than 8 years since the project was published, we feel confident to name it one-dot-oh. From the last stable version we added to following new features:

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XMPP Integration with eJabberd


yesterday I started to implement a chat into Kolab.
I decided to use an XMPP Server connected to the Kolab-Ldap and decided to use eJabberD.
Installation was quite simple and the connection to Kolab-Ldap as well.
Download and install with the following command:

apt-get install ejabberd

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Installing Demo Version of Kolab 3.1 with Docker


This describes how to install a docker image of Kolab.

Please note: this is not meant to be for production use. The main purpose is to provide an easy way for demonstration of features and for product validation.

This installation has not been tested a lot, and could still use some fine tuning. This is just a demonstration of what could be done with Docker for Kolab.

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Building a Docker container for Kolab on Jiffybox


I am using a Jiffybox provided by DomainFactory for building a Docker container for Kolab 3.1 running on CentOS 6.

I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a Jiffybox.
I am therefore following Docker Installation instructions for Ubuntu for the installation instructions:

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How Kolab is using Open Standards for Interoperability


Today is Document Freedom Day which started out for documents in the OOXML days, but now is much more generally about Open Standards.

Bottom up Kolab



Kolab Sys has been putting a lot of effort
into developing
various components to provide a turn key enterprise communication
platform. Unfortunately for me,
they seem to be more of a CentOS / RedHat shop. Also, I'm not an


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