CalDAV/iCAL Support for Kolab


The Kolab groupware is a great open source alternative to well known closed source groupware solutions. For example, the Kolab groupware has most of the features of Google Mail including mail, calendar, contacts and supports sharing of those entries between users. Since Kolab 3.1 there is also CalDAV and CardDAV support included via a SabreDAV based protocol layer called iRony.

Kolab, Debian, LDAP and XMPP


I had another chance to look at Kolab and the dependency graph recently. Having been inspired by the prospect of chat integration within Roundcube, I set out to install a suitable XMPP server, and it seemed that ejabberd was the most likely choice on Debian systems such as my own.

Installing Kolab 3.2 on CentOS


Kolab the open-source groupware collaboration project released version 3.2 on Valentines day. I have been on version 3.0 for some time now and wanted to get away from using ownCloud and some other projects and just use Kolab as it was doing my mail, contacts and calendaring anyway.

The installation process is not all that difficult, here is what I did to install the software.

Lets get some utilities.

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One more thing: Why not GPG encrypt upon receiving?


I picked up my cup of coffee from the dinner table this morning, and then it came to me. Why could we not encrypt an incoming message before it is delivered to IMAP?

After all, with Wallace, we do have the component in place to interrupt the mail flow like that -- we're using it for Resource Management already, and we have a module that can append a footer as well.

So I build a proof-of-concept. This is what I do:

# date | mail -s "test"

I watch this being picked up by Postfix, go through Amavis, and be delivered to Wallace.

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Valentine's? Kolab 3.2 Release Day!


Normally, today's just that one day you are a little bit more attentive to those you admire.

In secret, or outspoken, it doesn't really matter. Anonymous, or with an email address -- whatever floats your boat goes, really.

Today however also marks the day that Kolab is being that little bit more attentive to you, whom we secretly admire.

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Kolab 3.2! This is for you, yours and everyone else, for this release marks another milestone in the Kolab story, as previously seen on the Internet.

Kolab meets Gentoo Linux


Kolab is a free groupware based on Postfix, Cyrus IMAP and Roundcube. The groupware includes email, calendars, addressbooks, task management and a wide variety of clients.

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Chat coming to the Kolab - Jabber (XMPP) Integration


Having a chat right from your Kolab webclient will be possible soon. The email addresses of your Kolab users will automatically work as Jabber (XMPP) addresses. This feature is still in development, but Thomas already proposed a possible path of how to integrate XMPP into the Kolab web client for those who already have a Jabber server running along with their Kolab installation.

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Release Candidate for version 1.0


We just published the feature-complete release candidate for the upcoming version 1.0. After adding some new features in 1.0-beta we further cleaned up the code, fixed some more bugs and prepared everything for the long awaited major release.

So we invite all early adopters to test this release candidate and report remaining bugs to our bug tracker.

See the complete Changelog at
and download the new packages from

The Current Kolab Package Dependency Graph


A few weeks ago, I published a suggested dependency arrangement for Kolab in Debian. For completeness, here is a reasonably nice diagram showing the dependency arrangement used by the existing “vendor” packages:

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Setup Mail Forwarding


With Kolab you've 2 options on how to setup mail forwarding entries: